Bergquist, Inc. and Cavagna Group Team Up to Unveil New Product at NPGA

After successfully unveiling the SNAP-FILL valve two years ago, Cavagna Group and Bergquist, Inc. are introducing the SNAP-FILL adapter at the 2017 NPGA Expo. Not yet in production, the new SNAP-FILL adapter allows users of the revolutionary SNAP-FILL nozzle to seamlessly fill forklift cylinders equipped with the European connection valve.

The SNAP-FILL adapter is a collaboration between Bergquist and Cavagna Group to again maximize simplicity and safety for customers. Rather than Acme threads, the SNAP-FILL valve utilizes the same connection as other Euro-style snap-on fittings to provide an ergonomically seamless connection so effective that it prevents wrist injuries due to repetitive use.

“Customers have appreciated the simplicity of the SNAP-FILL valve, but were encountering an issue with commercial accounts that mix traditional valves and the SNAP-FILL,” said Bruce Montroy, Bergquist Senior Vice President - Sales. “We teamed up with Cavanga Group to create a solution for our customers based on feedback we were receiving from the field and together we developed this adapter.”

Prior to the invention of the proprietary adapter, the only solutions were to fit the bobtail with a secondary nozzle or stay with the old fill, taking more time from the driver and causing carpel tunnel from repeated fitting of the nozzles. The adapter allows the user to take a traditional nozzle and attach it to the adapter itself and connect easily to Euro-fill valve and fill the cylinder by volume. Users are able to quickly move on from one fill or product to the next.

“The SNAP-FILL adapter saves about 45 seconds per tank,” said Montroy. “Individually, 45 seconds may not seem significant, but multiply that by the number of times the adapter is used daily and efficiencies go through the roof. We are committed to providing excellent products and customer service to improve our customer’s bottom line and we believe this product will fulfill that commitment by providing yet another product to increase efficiency and safety.”