Leader in Propane Industry Reconfigures Team to Meet Customer Demand

Technology is rapidly changing our world, providing people with conveniences across the globe never before imaginable. The propane industry offers a great example of such conveniences, specifically how technology directly impacts the delivery and efficiency of propane for customers and providers. As the industry leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, Bergquist, Inc. has remained attuned to trends and customer needs by implementing technology and making strategic employment decisions to better serve customers.

To keep up with customer demand throughout the country, Bergquist recently appointed Matt Brock as Tank Monitor Sales Specialist. Last year, Bergquist began seeing an increase in sales with the Gaslog Remote Cellular Tank Monitors from Silicon Controls to monitor levels and usage of gases and liquids together with field status information. This technology is a complete end-to-end solution that reliably delivers at lowest total cost of ownership. The remote technology allows for improved delivery efficiency, reduces run outs and out of hours drops, eliminates zero gallon delivers and reduces driver workload.

Bergquist shifted Brock to this new position to complement a previous hire in 2015, Mike Vigliotti. The two specialists will be responsible for providing service and training for the Gaslog and other telemetry monitors. Brock will focus his efforts on customers in the southern and western United States, while Vigliotti will remain the primary contact for the northern and eastern part of the country.

“Matt Brock, our energetic Texas Area Sales Manager, will become our second Tank Monitor Sales Specialist,” said Bruce Montroy, Senior Vice President of Sales for Bergquist. “We see this as a growing segment of the market that has great potential for us as more propane marketers look to improve delivery efficiencies and increase profits.”

Brock had previously held a position with Bergquist as an Area Sales Manager in Texas, making him an excellent candidate for this critical position as he is extremely familiar with the industry and the technology. Due to an increase in demand and a high volume of sales and inquiries for the Gaslog and other remote tank monitors, Bergquist saw the transition of Brock to Tank Monitor Sales Specialist as vital to the growth of the business.

“Mike Vigliotti has done a tremendous job getting us started down this road – sales have increased more than 36% year-to-year,” said Montroy. “The volume of interest has been so great that we wanted to invest in what our customers need by adding another member to this segment of the team. We expect further advancements in technology in the propane industry and we are ready to embrace these changes as we remain committed to customer service and experience.”

Gaslog is designed to be installed and utilized by existing staff and is deployed by drivers, with no home access required and tank-level availability the same day. The technology is maintenance free and the battery life is five years or more.

There are currently over 200,000 Gaslog tank monitors in service.