Enhanced Technology Allows for Increased Efficiency for Customers

Advances in technology continue to reshape our world in ways we never thought possible. Specifically, in the propane industry, consumers are now witnessing how the modernization of products, like the SC415 Gaslog Dialer from Silicon Controls, can make propane delivery more efficient and safer than in years past.

While the industry has become familiar with tank monitoring solutions over the past several years, the introduction of the new SC415 Gaslog Dialer offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any cellular remote tank monitor on the market. The original Remote Cellular Tank Monitors were so well received when they were introduced that companies like Bergquist, Inc., the industry leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, saw value in hiring full-time sales specialists to meet customer demand.

“We’ve seen tremendous success and cost savings for our customers with Gaslog telemetry,” said Bergquist Tank Monitor Sales Specialist, Matt Brock. “The introduction of the Gaslog Dialer demonstrates how manufacturers are focused even more on meeting the needs of the industry with new features like a longer battery life and increased durability.”

The new Gaslog cellular dialer utilizes LTE technology to reflect new communication protocol. Silicon Controls has manufactured this completely new dialer to provide more cost effective technology and to quickly develop, deploy and manage machine-to-machine solutions.

The SC415 Gaslog system has a 15-year battery life and a completely sealed gauge face, allowing for better protection from the elements. The new product boasts integrated GPS functionality, giving customers the ability to locate individual dialers before tank installation and preventing the potential for misplaced orders. The dialer has a Class 1/Div 1 certification, meaning the monitor can be conveniently mounted anywhere on the propane tank.

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do,” said Bergquist's other Tank Monitor Sales Specialist, Mike Vigliotti. “This product will allow our customers to predict accurate forecasting and order management while streamlining routes and organized deployment, ultimately saving them time and money to grow their business.”