The industry leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, Bergquist, Inc., in partnership with Chicago Fittings, is unveiling a product in high demand at this year’s NPGA Expo: The 1” IPS (Iron Pipe Size) X-Risers. The new polyethylene application is now available for delivery and is helping expand current Propane Gas X-Riser offerings.

Per countless customer requests, the 1” IPS X-Risers will be offered with 3/4" MPT (Male Pipe Thread) or 1” MPT outlets in lengths of 3’, 6’, and 8’. Chicago Fittings’ new product will utilize the company’s CFlexliner technology to better advance flexibility and reduce memory when coiled. The inclusion of CFlexliner tech offers a much easier installation process.

“We heard our customers loud and clear, so we are eager for their reaction when they see the new 1” IPS X-Risers at the NPGA Expo. This addition to our flexible riser lineup will undoubtedly provide customers with a more effortless experience and application,” said Don Heller, vice president of propane technologies for Bergquist. 

The 1” IPS X-Risers are the ideal product for generators and other high demand applications due to their increased BTU capacity. The pricing is well below the cost of a rigid riser with a coupling and there are no other underground fittings, which saves both time and money while preventing a potential leak spot. 

“We have shipped several early samples and the feedback has been universally positive,” Heller said.

The positive feedback for the new X-Riser reinforces Bergquist’s guarantee to continue supplying quality equipment and technical assistance to its customers. The company’s unmatched technical expertise, commitment to customer service and ever-changing product introductions shows their dedication not only to their customers, but to the industry.