Ultrasonic Sensor Lets Users Know Exact Level of Propane in Cylinder

The world is amidst a technological revolution and the propane industry is a prime example of how technology can simplify and enhance daily life for consumers, especially when it can prevent people from running out of propane. In recognizing the push for new technology, Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, has begun selling the LPG TankCheck sensor from Mopeka Products to enrich the propane experience for end users.

Bergquist has taken note of the tech trend and is a front runner for placing the newest, most efficient gadgets in the hands of its customers. The LPG TankCheck system, which Bergquist will be exhibiting at this year’s NPGA Expo, is a product that lets individuals know the level of liquid propane within cylinders. The magnetic monitor is perfect for RV cylinders, gas grills, residential LP tanks and even steel forklift cylinders.

“Users have always had difficulty determining the level of propane in their tanks,” said Dale Aldrich, Director of Inside Sales for Bergquist. “With the TankCheck sensor from Mopeka, we can help our customers solve the age old problem of running out of propane while grilling, traveling in their motorhomes or when using forklifts.”

TankCheck is a small ultrasonic sensor that sits at the bottom of the propane tank and reads the exact amount of propane present in the cylinder at all times. Users can read accurate and up-to-date levels either through a standalone display monitor or via a Bluetooth application that’s available for both IOS or Android phones and tablets. The sensor's Bluetooth communications range enables remote monitoring up to 50 feet away, depending upon obstructions such as walls and other material. Monitoring the sensor with a smart device requires downloading the free app.

“This is an exciting time in the propane industry,” said Aldrich. “We are continually able to deliver more reliable and efficient ways to monitor propane and save time for users as well as our technicians.”

Bergquist customers will sell TankCheck items in showrooms or point-of-sale displays.