Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, has unveiled the new vertical Trinity Dispenser Tank . A vertical tank provides numerous advantages that a traditional horizontal tank cannot offer, giving customers another option that may better suit their specific needs.

With a smaller footprint, the Trinity Vertical Autogas Dispenser takes up less space, giving customers more room for additional tanks and other propane accessories. The footprint, including the skid dispenser, is 15 feet tall by 4 feet wide and weighs 3,000 pounds. The vertical tank offers better visibility, allowing for more advertising capabilities for companies deploying this option.

“We’ve noticed our customers taking interest in vertical tanks because of the abundant solutions they can provide,” said Don Heller, Vice President – Propane Technologies. “These tanks are a relatively new concept and we’re glad to be able to offer an alternative for our customers to maximize their business.”

Additional benefits of the vertical include more capacity and the funnel effect. The tank’s positioning can bring the container closer to empty, meaning that it does not need to be filled as frequently and propane utilization is enhanced. As a result of the funnel effect, vapor has less chance of seeping into the liquid line as the fuel level drops. Bergquist’s modular skid comes completely piped for easy connection of the vertical tank on site.

To simplify shipping, Bergquist provides a modular skid design where customers can pick the dispenser of their choice (e.g., a Bergquist Better Dispenser for cylinder fills, a Bergquist Fleet Fuel Cabinet (FFC) Autogas Dispenser for vehicle applications, a hybrid dispenser of the two, or a Parafour Autogas Dispsenser) on a Trinity skid frame.

“We always look for ways to support our customers through improved business operations,” said Heller. “The Vertical Trinity Dispenser Tank is a solution that we think will really change the way business is done throughout the propane industry.”