As the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, Bergquist, Inc. continues to set the industry standard for product safety, reliability and ease of use with the announcement that it will be featuring the Staubli nozzle GPV 14 at the 2015 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta (Booth 502). With the expected shift to the European connection standard in the coming years, Bergquist will remain ahead of the trend by offering the Staubli GPV 14 as an option to further promote and enhance safety in the dispensing of propane into Autogas vehicles.

The simple to use GPV 14 mimics a “gasoline” nozzle that allows a connection without effort, enabling the user to place the nozzle on the filling unit and pull the lever. The 360º swivel hose connection between the nozzle and hose reduces the stresses due to hose rigidity for refueling of vehicles with LPG, including private vehicles, delivery vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

At just over 3 lbs., the nozzle ensures total safety of operation with a flush face non-spill design for connection and disconnection without leakage, eliminating any risk of burn due to gas venting. In addition to compliance with EN 13 760 (European standard for refueling vehicles), the principle of connection prohibits any error of handling. No gas is vented if the nozzle is not connected on the filling unit and no gas flow is possible if the nozzle is not properly connected. The GPV 14 provides a fully automatic operation with an audible click when the nozzle is connected, automatic locking and opening of the circuit when pulling the lever and automatic unlocking when the lever is released.

Along with the numerous safety benefits offered by the GPV 14, no maintenance is required aside from recommended lubrication every three months and the front seal and spring needing to be changed. This can be done on-site easily and without dismantling the nozzle.

“We believe this type of nozzle will become the standard here (U.S.) in the near future,” said Don Heller, Vice President of Propane Technologies for Bergquist. “The connection from nozzle to fill valve is safer than the current U.S. standard and can provide users with reduced maintenance, a higher level of reliability and a solution containing impressive integrated safety features. It also eliminates the need for personal protection equipment.”

Bergquist, Inc. also offers a variety of accessories and Euro-style fittings manufactured by Cavagna Group that accompany the Staubli GPV 14, including the Euro Autogas Fill Valve, the Euro Vehicle Fill Adapter and the Euro Fill Nozzle Adapter. During the NPGA Expo, Bergquist, Inc. will introduce specific products featuring the Staubli nozzle.